Taking the time to read



Reading is one of the few habits I do every single day. I’ve read a lot of books this past year and a lot of you asked me « How do you do it? How’ve you been able to read so much books in so little time? »

Well… be ready for the most surprising answer to that question.
I took the time to read. For example, I’ve decided to cut on browsing on instagram for hours before bedtime & instead installed a reading routine.

– As soon as I go to bed I open my book and read for at least half an hour.
– When I’m in my train, instead of playing on my phone I read.
– Whenever I have to wait for a couple of minutes I read a few pages.
– Thanks to the Kindle I can read easily when standing in the metro. Much more easier than turning the pages while trying not to fall on someone.
– If I’m feeling bored on the weekends … I read in my bed. It also calms me down and relax me if I’m feeling anxious as I tend to do more than I should.
– Try to cut back on the Internet, sometimes I found myself just scrolling my twitter/facebook/tumblr/instagram feeds just for the sake of it. It’s not constructive and very time-consuming. You could be reading!
– If you’re struggling to read your current book because you don’t like it – close it and read another one. It’s ok, you can’t love every books there are out there …
–  … read books that you love!

Hope those few tricks are going to help you! Makes me wonder, what are you currently reading ?

Wishlist : birthday edition


The time has come. I’m going to be twenty-four at the end of the month, and you know what ? It’s a pretty good excuse to be making a wishlist of things I wish to get this year.


The Lovely Sounds – Leighton Meester’s album. Leighton has always been my favorite in Gossip Girl, and I have been expecting her album for so many years know, that I can’t believe it’s actually out. Can’t wait to have a physical copy! Get it now

The Essential Scarf – Scarves has been my pêché mignon lately along with boots. This one is from Zara and it’s gorgeous, right ? Get it now

The Typo-Nerd Tote Bag – Tote Bag are kind of my thing. I always carry one in my handbag, just in case I need one to carry unexpected purchases. This one is both funny and true; love the fact that it’s black, for once. Get it now

The Sweet Scent – Candles, another love of mine. Never had a Jo Malone one, scented the Peony & Blush Suede so many times in store and I’ve been obsessed for months now. Maybe this will be the year where I finally get it. Get it now

The Beauty Read – I love books and beauty, so why shouldn’t I desire this beauty read ? It’s been reviewed a lot lately on blogs and I want to have my own opinion of it. Get it now

Films in autumn.


Films to watch in autumn

Autumn is definitely my favorite time of the year to watch films.

Every single year I re-watch some of my favorites, I just love having hot cocoa, under my plaid and watching them. There’s something peaceful about it that I can shake off. Here’s a list featuring some of my favorites to watch anytime during the day.

1- The Craft. The best 90s film about witches there’s out there. A+ for Campbell acting and Tunney’s wig. Oopsie, I lied about the last one ;-)

2- Matilda. As a kid, I surely did identify myself to Matilda, I – just like her – loved spending time reading. Hilarious scenes, perfect for a sunday afternoon.

3- Practical Magic. The ultimate guilty pleasure. Sandra Bullock is always on point. Love the fact that’s it’s based on sisterhood and women. There’s a little witch in all of us.

4- Ever After. I don’t know why I only watch this when it’s autumn, but it’s a lovely love story, quite cheesy but hey, I love a good romance story!

5- Funny Face. I had to have one of Audrey’s film in that list, such a great & lovely actress that I adore as you may have noticed in the past !

6- Autumn in New-York. Obvious choice right? Winona Ryder, tears, New-York and autumn. It screams « Candice is going to love it so much, it’s going to be ridiculous ». Have your tissue box near you, because this one is definitely the tear-jerker of the list!

7- You’ve Got Mail. Books, Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, NYC. Do I need to say more, or are you already convinced? One of the best romantic comedy there is. Nora Ephron, you are definitely missed.

And the new one that I just welcomed into the family :

8- Maleficent. I watched it for the first time recently and it has been amazing. I won’t go into much details because it’s recent and I don’t know if everyone has seen it, but it’s definitely worthy!