Music in Autumn


Yep, another post related to autumn. This time it’s all about sweet music and magical lyrics. I’ve always been drawn to music, it helps me cope with difficult events, boost my energy when I need it the most etc. I thought I could share with you a playlist I made in iTunes and put on 8tracks just for you ! It’s called “And the wind will be my hands” and I hope everyone will enjoy it :)

I love folk music, it’s not new, it’s not going to change anytime soon, so don’t be surprised if you see a lot of folk in the playlist.

Brightest part of the Sun

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“The sky lay over the city like a map showing the strata of things and the big full moon toppled over in a furrow like the abandoned wheel of a gun carriage on a sunset field of battle and the shadows walked like cats and I looked into the white and ghostly interior of things and thought of you and I looked on their structural outsides and thought of you and was lonesome.”
― Zelda Fitzgerald

Six years ago, the leaves where on the ground in the Tuileries, we were on that bench, and that’s how it all started. To all the years that passed, and to all the years to come. You know how I feel and that’s the beginning and end of everything


Sense & Sensibility - Candice Lesage

Ostara #1

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Ostara is one of the eight festivals held by Wiccans every year. It is normally held at the time of the vernal equinox; that is, around 21 March in the Northern Hemisphere and 21 September in the Southern Hemisphere. At Ostara Wiccans celebrate the return of Spring. 

Ostara or Autumn is a tumblr I co-own with my friend Pauline . We decided back in 2012 to open it and share our spiritual/autumn pictures with people. Autumn is our favorite time of the year, we love spending time watching Halloween films and drinking tea.

I though I could share from times to times pictures I especially like. You could also follow the blog if you’re really interested.

That’s it for today folks, I promise I’m going to be back, I’ve been quite swamped with work and life lately.

Ostara - Sense & Sensibility