5 ways to welcome positivity into your life

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Positive life - Sense & Sensiiblity
A day at the sea in January. The best way for me to charge up my batteries.

Deciding to become more positive, as I previously talked about, is one thing; acting on it is totally an other.

Here are five ways to welcome positivity into your life, a very helpful list that helped in the past couple of weeks while I was struggling with life.

Talk with positive people. Positive people are inspiring and help you change your point of view on things. Sometimes when I’m feeling down, talking to it with someone I am closed to always helps me to feel better.

Get excited. I’m not saying you should be excited about eating a yoghurt, but get excited for things. If you’re having lunch with friends, you should tell them you’re happy about it. It ill make them feel loved and by making them happy, you will be.

Compliment someone. Compliments should always be honest and respectful. Saying to your mom that this shirt makes her look amazing is true, kind and will definitely make her happy.

Do things that you love. I enjoy doing a lot of things, taking pictures for example always make me happy. I get to think about the little details, take a lot of pictures, get more creative, and it helps me get my dark moods away and make me excited.

Smile. Recently, I’ve picked up this habit. I try to smile as often as I can. Whether I’m listening to a lovely song, catch a cute child’s smile, or even want to make someone else smile. A few weeks ago when I went home with a huge flowers bouquet in my arms, people smiled at me, it made my mood lighter and definitely made me smile ! So do it, try, it’ll make your commute more pleasant.


Do you have positive habits that you would like to share ? Do you often struggle – as I do – to find positive sides to your daily life when something bad happens to you ?

By the way, I’m sorry for the lack of updates, I’m planning something that needs a lot of work on my part.

Winter Love

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By now, you all are aware of my love for Autumn. But did I ever tell you that I absolutely love Winter ? Some people are going to say that I’m crazy but I love the cold & sunny days.

Snuggling in my scarf and knitted sweaters, drinking Cadbury hot chocolate, watching films with my cats … there’s something romantic about it. To be quite honest, it’s the most romantic season in my opinion. Especially when there’s snow involved, falling down, covering the gardens, putting smiles on children faces, and yes, also on mine.

I’ve shared with you my winter playlist, my winter list of films to watch … so now let’s share inspirational pictures I found on pinterest.




5 things that warm up my heart

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Lately I needed to remind myself how to take care of myself and I did a list of things that make life great.

5 things that warms up my heart

Fresh Flowers. Nothing like getting fresh flowers to illuminate your house/room. These are peonies and anemones and were just so beautiful, I had to capture them to memorize the joy I felt seeing them in my room for a few days. They reminded me than even in the cold grey days, you could find beauty somewhere, just around the corner.

Going to a bookshop. I’m a bookworm and there’s nothing wrong with that. Always loved the company of books, always found it both invigorating and empowering. A few days ago I went to Galignani, the last time was over five years ago (!), and fell in love again. The wooden floors, the lads, the smell, the tons of books just waiting to be picked… ah, it was so magical. Might have bought a pretty book. Also posted a lot of pictures on my instagram account.

Treating myself. For years I thought I didn’t deserve to treat myself, I had too many pounds to lose, too little money to spoil. That changed. I have to sometimes remind myself that I deserve a little treat. So, I bought two dresses. One for day time, one for the evening at restaurants and concerts in the new Philharmonie in Paris.

Drinking tea. Even though I am a huge coffee drinker, I also love drinking tea. Recently a friend gifted me with this marvelous tea from Ladurée, called Marie-Antoinette. As you know my love for her, this tea was definitely made for me.

Blogging. Since I’ve started working full-time, blogging has been my little escape from the real world. I enjoy reading blogs from all over the world, and I do enjoy writing on here and on The Beautiful Stillness. You might not know this but I do own a book blog !

What things do make you feel great ? What did you enjoy doing lately ?

5 things that warms up my heart