10 (More) Facts About Me

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My dearest Léa tagged me to do the « 10 facts about me » tag.

I’ve already done one in the past (back in 2010) but I’ll gladly do it once again.

10 Facts About Me - Sense & Sensibility


  1. As you may know – or not -, I’m a web designer. This is my job, I’m getting paid to do websites and graphic designs. Well, I never took one course. Never in my life. Self-taught!
  2. Just like Lea, I also used to manage fan sites when I was a teenager. I had one about Liv Tyler that grew really big in France, and another one about Drew Barrymore. Love them.
  3. I opened my first blog when I was twelve – so I’ve been blogging for almost twelve years ! The name was Kiss Me. Cheesy teenager ! ;) It was also the first time I made a design, I still have it somewhere on an external hard drive and let me tell you : it’s not pretty at all !
  4. I am really scared of spider. There was an accident not so long ago when I totally freaked out (well – to be perfectly honest there was this big spider in my hair that started going on my face so yeah, it was reasonable to freak out).
  5. I can try to stay up late, but I won’t succeed, I always fall asleep at midnight. Grandma you said ?
  6. So … it’s normal for me to say that I’m a morning person. Yes, those exists. I’m feeling much more productive in the morning.
  7. For pretty much my whole life I was disgusted with avocados. Since my last trip to London (and thanks to Lea) I’m obsessed with guacamole and looove avocados.
  8. Sometimes I wish I could be paid organizing people’s lives and making lists. Sadly, this is not a job yet.
  9. I’m dreaming of living in Denmark. I’ve never been there, but I think I could enjoy it.
  10. I’m a really anxious person, apparently no one notices it (except for my boyfriend), but I get anxious for little things like phoning people. Yep, hard to live with.


My turn to tag people. Well, I tag Sofia at Pale Lily, Angeline at The Lazy One, Pauline at Stories and Me, and anyone who wants to do it. If you don’t have a blog you could always share facts with me in the comments ! x

Fashion in Autumn


This fashion article is the first post in my new series all about Autumn !

I’ve talked about it before, but Autumn is really the best season for me to get inspired, especially regarding fashion. Since autumn is arriving quite fast this year (the summer has been cray-crazy in Paris !) I thought I could start looking for new pieces to add to my wardrobe… I feel more comfortable dressing in Autumn than I do in Summer, well, let’s be honest. Who likes feeling « sweaty » when it’s 30 degrees out ? I’d rather put more clothes on because I’m cold than feeling hot in a light summer dress.

As I grow older, I tend to be more prone to buy simpler pieces of clothing.

Black and grey clothes are always have been my favorites to shop. Simple, sober, effortless chic. Then I add some burgundy pieces, and voilà – that’s my wardrobe for at least 5 months. However, if I’m feeling a bit crazy I can always pop a light blue note into my outfit – ouuh crazy lady ahah!

This year I’m going to try and find a light grey coat, just like the one of the bottom left picture, but lighter. Should definitely stack more jumpers, but ones that would last me for years.

Regarding shoes I have at least five pairs of boots : camel, black, burgundy. So I think I’m covered (well my feet are anyway)

So what’s on your mind for your autumnal outfits ?




London you were fabulous, chapter I

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The words are missing.

Oh, London

Where the clouds never go away

I keep my coat on from September to May

When the tulips will bloom in the most unusual way

I went to London in late May with my one of my best friends – Léa at My Slumbering Heart - and since then I’ve been feeling empty. This city with its atmosphere, the lovely and kind people … I feel like every time I go, I leave a part of myself there.

It goes without saying that I had an fabulous time with Léa. We laughed, our feet suffered from walking all day long, we shopped (I might have went a little crazy in Boots, Paperchase & Waterstones…) , we ate (Byron’s restaurants are marvellous )… It was glorious !

We went to Notting Hill, Kensington Gardens, Covent Garden, to the famous Borough Market … every time I was in awe of how much in sync I was with this radiant city.

London you were brilliant. Never disappointing.


London - May 2014 - Sense & Sensibility

London - May 2014 - Sense & Sensibility

London - May 2014 - Sense & Sensibility

London - May 2014 - Sense & Sensibility

London - May 2014 - Sense & Sensibility

London - May 2014 - Sense & Sensibility

London - May 2014 - Sense & Sensibility