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Working as a freelancer is not as easy as it seems – yes you’re your own boss but still. You have to work and set boundaries.

Keeping a schedule is one of the best advice I could give you. I set up a Googlecalendar for my work that I synched with my different devices, but I also used a paper one using the amazing calendars from Re Print Me, it really helped me when I was under the water.

Organizing your email inbox is also a huge step. Using different labels, levels of « urgency ». I have three inboxes.

  • To do
  • Stand-by
  • The rest

So I can keep track of things I still have to do, the projects I’m waiting a feedback from my client and stuff.
Here’s an amazing link on the subject.
Then I also use labels for organizing my emails into different categories : invoices, personal, clients (then when it’s a big project I’m creating a “Clients / Client name” label), mailing lists etc.

LISTS! Now, I’m just letting my inner Rory Gilmore speak, but lists are awesome. I’ve always a bloc from MUJI for the day to day things, and I also discovered recently (well, Antonin recommended it to me) TODOIST. The greatest app I have ever used. It allows one to make different « boards » of notes, you can use it through GMAIL and when you’re viewing an email you can add it – thanks to a button – to one of your list, as a reminder so you can reply to it later, just by clicking on the link.

A weird trick – keep your desk clean. I can’t properly work until my desk is cleaned and paper free.

I’m sure that everything I said does not apply only to freelancers but also to everyone such as students!

It’s nothing really amazing, but it sure helps me keep my head out of the water.

These are just a few tricks, if you liked this article I might write more about the subject.

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Here’s to January for being a good month.

I’ve started working in an office last December. I really like the job, the opportunities I get and I met some awesome people; so far it’s been really great.

I have less time for myself as I did back when I was working at home; I’m quite tired right now but I’m not complaining. It’s a great opportunity and I feel blessed and thankful. It’s a big change for me, so to celebrate that change I cut 20 inches of my hair ! (here’s a picture)

This year I’m taking some resolutions, but I’m not taking all of them at the same time. I’m taking one resolution per month, since it only take twenty-one days to turn an action into a habit, I have decided I’m going to work that way this year.

In January, I decided that I was going to read more. As you may know, I’m a huuuuuge bookworm : last year, I have read 64 books !
This year, since I’m working, I challenged myself (on goodreads) to read ‘only’ 52 books, I ought it to myself to read more, to take the time in the morning, while going to work, in the evening etc.

I think I might have to change my challenge because just this month I’ve read … 15 BOOKS ! I know it’s crazy, but it’s the truth. I’m really proud of myself and I hope I’m going to keep reading everyday (except on the weekends, because weekends I usually sleep or watch The Office with Antonin).

So thank you January for being good, for making me smile, … and yay to me.

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I thought I had a condition. As a kid, I didn’t like to go out, I didn’t like huge parties as a teenager and I surely don’t now. I’m always shy, even with people I’ve known for years, I’m always anxious about meeting up with people whether I know them or not.

To be honest, sometimes I’d rather be alone in my room with my cat and read a book or talk to my friends online.

Then I took the MBIT test – and I got a result that made sense: I’m an INFP.

Suddenly, I knew who I was. I read a thousand articles on the subject and I met people that also were INFP and I was pleased to be able to talk about it with people who completely understood me.

Then, one day, I stumbled onto a book. It was Quiet by Susan Caine. It completely changed the way I was seeing life, and I’m so grateful to have this book in my life.
It put words on things I was feeling but yet couldn’t describe. Everything makes sense to me, and it’s a must-read if you’re a bit curious about society, and both extroverts and introverts people.

She even did a TEDtalk so here it is if you’re interested in the matter. Watch it, read the book, try to understand introverts a bit more.

Shh…. let’s have some quiet time tonight!