Paris : the Great Mosque and le Jardin des Plantes

My friend Cosima and I went to the Great Mosque of Paris a few weeks ago. It was a great afternoon, I had a blast visiting the mosque, drinking delicious tea afterwards in the salon de thé and walking in the Jardin des Plantes. There was a beautiful sun however it was quite cold.

It was also the occasion for me to take pictures …

Great Mosque of Paris Cosima Great Mosque of Paris Great Mosque of Paris Candice Austen Sense and Sensibility Birds Le Jardin des Plantes Parisian Museum of Natural History

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9 thoughts on “Paris : the Great Mosque and le Jardin des Plantes

  1. I love your pictures, they have this pastel, vintage, and dreamy effect. Do you spend a lot time on Photoshop or did you manage to choose the settings directly on your camera ?

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