Wishlist #1

The problem with the Internet is that it gives us an opportunity to buy so many things, and wish so much more.

So, I thought that from times to times, I’ll share with you the things that are on my wishlist, and that you could share yours with me in the comments below.

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Items for a perfect Autumn outfit, and a great book to learn how to cook Italian Food with Stanley Tucci (oh dear, I adore him – isn’t that funny that he wrote a cookbook after playing in Julie & Julia ?)
I’ve been dreaming about the perfect red velvet skirt for quite a long time now, I think this one’ll do, don’t you think ? The boots are absolutely gorgeous, but unfortunately, they don’t ship to France so I think that I’m not gonna have them in my closet anytime soon.

What’s on your current wishlist or must-have list?

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6 thoughts on “Wishlist #1

  1. Hi dear, I just found your blog and I’m blown away by its simple elegance and intelligent content. I loved your previous post on the library because I’ve seen pictures of it around the internet and always wondered if it was real or from a film set! That velvet skirt looks beautiful. I’m currently looking for the perfect pair of autumn boots.
    le fresne x

  2. Yes the internet does allow you to buy to many things. Your blog is beautiful and very well designed. And this is coming from a graphic designer. I am hurring to type this post before the electricity goes I am trying to survive Sandy!! A Micheal Korrs bag is on my wish listt. We should follow each other :)
    Ali of:

    Oui, l’Internet ne vous permettent d’acheter beaucoup de choses. Votre blog est magnifique et très bien conçu. Et cela vient d’un graphiste. Je suis hurring à taper ce message avant que l’électricité va je suis en train de survivre sable! Un sac de Micheal Korrs est sur mon listt souhait. Nous devrions suivre l’autre :)

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