Sweet November

As I previously announced, Autumn is my favourite season (even though I also adore Spring), this month I have been pretty busy (now working as a freelancer 24/7), I tried though to take a few moments to read.

November is now here, and I couldn’t feel more blessed. November is, in general, the month where people tend to feel more depressed than usual; however it’s also the month that I’m turning 22, and I feel ok with this number. Twenty-two is a good number don’t you think ? I’ve nothing planned for now, but I’m sure I’m gonna find something sweet to do with my dearest friends on this special day.

Here’s some pictures I took this month. You can always follow me on instagram if you want more ! @Candiceausten is my username.

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15 thoughts on “Sweet November

  1. Coucou Candice, Shirley Manson ne t’aurait-elle pas dédicacée Cup of Coffee ce soir au zénith ? Voilà un 22 plein de promesses !
    Joyeux anniversaire :)

  2. Those lipsticks are gorgeous! Esp. the dark red one~

    Fall is my favorite season too, but Texas doesn’t get much of one.

    Also, apologies on missing your birthday! (I assume it’s passed.) Bonne anniversaire!

  3. L’automne est aussi ma saison préférée, mais le mois de Novembre est aussi, effectivement le mois du début de la déprime de l’hiver … dure période qu’il faut combler avec du thé et des petits gâteaux !

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