How to stay organized

How to stay Organized - Candice Lesage Austen

Working as a freelancer is not as easy as it seems – yes you’re your own boss but still. You have to work and set boundaries.

Keeping a schedule is one of the best advice I could give you. I set up a Googlecalendar for my work that I synched with my different devices, but I also used a paper one using the amazing calendars from Re Print Me, it really helped me when I was under the water.

Organizing your email inbox is also a huge step. Using different labels, levels of « urgency ». I have three inboxes.

  • To do
  • Stand-by
  • The rest

So I can keep track of things I still have to do, the projects I’m waiting a feedback from my client and stuff.
Here’s an amazing link on the subject.
Then I also use labels for organizing my emails into different categories : invoices, personal, clients (then when it’s a big project I’m creating a “Clients / Client name” label), mailing lists etc.

LISTS! Now, I’m just letting my inner Rory Gilmore speak, but lists are awesome. I’ve always a bloc from MUJI for the day to day things, and I also discovered recently (well, Antonin recommended it to me) TODOIST. The greatest app I have ever used. It allows one to make different « boards » of notes, you can use it through GMAIL and when you’re viewing an email you can add it – thanks to a button – to one of your list, as a reminder so you can reply to it later, just by clicking on the link.

A weird trick – keep your desk clean. I can’t properly work until my desk is cleaned and paper free.

I’m sure that everything I said does not apply only to freelancers but also to everyone such as students!

It’s nothing really amazing, but it sure helps me keep my head out of the water.

These are just a few tricks, if you liked this article I might write more about the subject.

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3 thoughts on “How to stay organized

  1. Et dire qu’à un moment donné de ma vie, j’étais la personne vers qui tout le monde se tournait quand ils avaient des questions “technologiques’ (souvent liées aux ordinateurs). Maintenant je suis paumée! Tout ce que tu racontes a l’air vachement bien, mais les app, l’organisation de Gmail, etc., ça va bien au-delà de mes capacités.

  2. Thanks for the re print link. Exactly what I was looking for !!
    Ha! The clean desk thing is so true. I actually have a second desk where I transfer tall my papers and books to keep the one I’m working on clean. It helps.

    I don’t NEED to work on a computer, I study on books more frequently so I keep my laptop away just in case I have to check something quickly and then come back to the desk.

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