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Reading is one of the few habits I do every single day. I’ve read a lot of books this past year and a lot of you asked me « How do you do it? How’ve you been able to read so much books in so little time? »

Well… be ready for the most surprising answer to that question.
I took the time to read. For example, I’ve decided to cut on browsing on instagram for hours before bedtime & instead installed a reading routine.

– As soon as I go to bed I open my book and read for at least half an hour.
– When I’m in my train, instead of playing on my phone I read.
– Whenever I have to wait for a couple of minutes I read a few pages.
– Thanks to the Kindle I can read easily when standing in the metro. Much more easier than turning the pages while trying not to fall on someone.
– If I’m feeling bored on the weekends … I read in my bed. It also calms me down and relax me if I’m feeling anxious as I tend to do more than I should.
– Try to cut back on the Internet, sometimes I found myself just scrolling my twitter/facebook/tumblr/instagram feeds just for the sake of it. It’s not constructive and very time-consuming. You could be reading!
– If you’re struggling to read your current book because you don’t like it – close it and read another one. It’s ok, you can’t love every books there are out there …
–  … read books that you love!

Hope those few tricks are going to help you! Makes me wonder, what are you currently reading ?

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One thought on “Taking the time to read

  1. i really need to take your example and make time for reading non-uni-books. i could definitely cut down the time i spend on the internet doing nothing and instead actually do something i love, like reading. atm, i’m failing my goodreads reading challenge miserably, haha, and only reading history books (although, a great deal of them are quite interesting!) xx

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