Films in winter

Well, I did that post for Autumn, did you really think I won’t do it for Winter ? Of course I would !

Winter means cuddling with your partner or pet in bed while watching a lovely, very lovely film.

Films in winter

Here’s my top choice every year !

1/ Serendipity. One of my favorite romances. The chemistry between the two leading actors (Hello John and Kate) is very magical and will get you hooked !
2/ The Holiday.  The first time I saw it I died and promised myself that someday I’ll get my own cottage just like Kate Winslet.
3/ Elf. Hilarious film with the cutest Zooey Deschanel ever.
4/ Little Women. A classic that always makes me cry and swoon. I should also re-read the book very soon.
5/ Bridget Jones. Is this the list where I gather all of my favorite funny romances ? Might be! Do I need to talk about this one or everyone does know it by heart just like I do ?
6/ The Devil Wears Prada. Meryl Streep kills it in every scenes, Tucci is as always brilliant and it makes me wanna be a fierce leading woman !
7/ The Chronicle of Narnia. Ah the magical world of Narnia, the snow, James McAvoy and Regina Spektor’s song. This one, I love to watch on a snowy Sunday morning.
8/ White Christmas. A festive classic that everyone should watch at least once in their life !

And … the last one. The one that I watch every year. The one that has been in my life since I’ve been a kid.
Mickey’s Christmas Carol. Yes people, I had to put a Disney film in that list. Have you seen it?

Well that’s it ! Have you seen any of these films ? What are your favorite films ?

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6 thoughts on “Films in winter

  1. Moi mes classiques de Noël sont les suivants :

    -Bethoven (oui oui)
    -Mr Bean

    Je pense que j’en aurais plein d’autres en tête mais c’est ceux que j’ai envie de regarder cette année..

    Merci pour le partage, ça me donne des idées pour cette année.

  2. oh, I’ve seen most of them but Serendipity has to be one of my favourites! “Saaaraaa smiiiileeee”
    The Holiday… i’ve seen it a thousand times!
    hey, no “Love actually” on the list? booooh ;)

  3. Most of those you have mentioned are on my favourite list also. I have yet to see “White Christmas” and “Serendipity” but I will make sure too as soon as I have some free time. Tim Burton’s films are part of the ritual each year. I already watch a lot of his work around Halloween to get in the mood and between November and December try to re-watch “Charlie and the chocolate factory”, “Edward Scissorshand” sometimes “The nightmare before christmas” and also “James and the Giant Peach”. There’s also “A christmas carol” which is quite a classic and “The santa clause”. “Home alone” sometimes and last but not least “How the grinch stole christmas”.
    I might have to finally give in and watch “Frozen” this year, as it seems quite fit for the season.

  4. ah, i’ve not seen the first two, will have to check them out! and i haven’t seen little women in so long, i need to rewatch it this winter! which version do you usually watch? winter really is the time to watch all the films:-) xx

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