5 things that warm up my heart

Lately I needed to remind myself how to take care of myself and I did a list of things that make life great.

5 things that warms up my heart

Fresh Flowers. Nothing like getting fresh flowers to illuminate your house/room. These are peonies and anemones and were just so beautiful, I had to capture them to memorize the joy I felt seeing them in my room for a few days. They reminded me than even in the cold grey days, you could find beauty somewhere, just around the corner.

Going to a bookshop. I’m a bookworm and there’s nothing wrong with that. Always loved the company of books, always found it both invigorating and empowering. A few days ago I went to Galignani, the last time was over five years ago (!), and fell in love again. The wooden floors, the lads, the smell, the tons of books just waiting to be picked… ah, it was so magical. Might have bought a pretty book. Also posted a lot of pictures on my instagram account.

Treating myself. For years I thought I didn’t deserve to treat myself, I had too many pounds to lose, too little money to spoil. That changed. I have to sometimes remind myself that I deserve a little treat. So, I bought two dresses. One for day time, one for the evening at restaurants and concerts in the new Philharmonie in Paris.

Drinking tea. Even though I am a huge coffee drinker, I also love drinking tea. Recently a friend gifted me with this marvelous tea from Ladurée, called Marie-Antoinette. As you know my love for her, this tea was definitely made for me.

Blogging. Since I’ve started working full-time, blogging has been my little escape from the real world. I enjoy reading blogs from all over the world, and I do enjoy writing on here and on The Beautiful Stillness. You might not know this but I do own a book blog !

What things do make you feel great ? What did you enjoy doing lately ?

5 things that warms up my heart

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11 thoughts on “5 things that warm up my heart

  1. bookshops are the best thing:-) and i wish i bought fresh flowers for myself. i always think about doing it but never do. i think it’s partly because i’m from the countryside and used to pick flowers to every room at my childhood home myself and am still a bit reluctant to pay for them, haha! but it’s something i’d like to pick up as a habit:-) also, will go and check out your secret book blog! xx

    1. They truly are! You should really pick some flowers from time to time, it’s a great way to also treat yourself but I get where you’re coming from :D. Thank you so much Laura for stopping by :)

  2. Ooooo, I have to get myself a bunch of fresh flowers sometime. I’ve never bought flowers for myself before though, let alone anyone else. I have to learn to treat myself too, though more on a “stop spending so often and treat yourself when you deserve it” level haha.

    For me, I’ve gotten back into reading after not picking up a book for one or two years. It feels great :)

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