Winter Love

By now, you all are aware of my love for Autumn. But did I ever tell you that I absolutely love Winter ? Some people are going to say that I’m crazy but I love the cold & sunny days.

Snuggling in my scarf and knitted sweaters, drinking Cadbury hot chocolate, watching films with my cats … there’s something romantic about it. To be quite honest, it’s the most romantic season in my opinion. Especially when there’s snow involved, falling down, covering the gardens, putting smiles on children faces, and yes, also on mine.

I’ve shared with you my winter playlist, my winter list of films to watch … so now let’s share inspirational pictures I found on pinterest.




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2 thoughts on “Winter Love

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE. The pictures you chose are just gorgeous.
    I love winter as well (which is pretty easy for me to say when you know where I live). I’m actually really sad because due to my unfortunate injury, I haven’t set foot outside for quite some time now, and I feel like I’m missing winter. Last night I found myself in front of my open window, breathing in the cold from outside (if it makes sense).

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