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Sense & Sensibility

A year and a half has passed since the last design of the blog.  My thoughts and point of view have not changed much.

I took time to think about what I wanted, I used a notebook in order to write my thoughts, looked at hundreds of blogs/designs and what came out of my mind is now before your eyes. I wanted something « fresh », quite simple but not too much. I didn’t desire something very chic;  I just needed a design that would make me wanna write,inspire me, and make me feel at home.

So here it is, the new design. You can still find the marvelous flowers made by Heatherlee;  but now, everything is bigger, it’s more responsive and I’ve been enjoying crafting it for the last couple of months.

Committing to my blog has always been a struggle. There is too many people being excellent at it, while I feel like I am failing at it to keep up. I have pushed people to open blogs telling them it is both liberating and wonderful, I keep admiring their passion and dedication to it; but I feel anxious most of the time. Telling myself “I should be blogging instead of watching another episode of The Walking Dead” or not knowing what to answer when people ask me “When are you going to finally post an article Candice?” 

Why do I feel like a failure in the blogging world when I certainly know that I mainly blog for myself? I blog for sharing things with you, because sharing is one of my favourite things in the world. I don’t blog for success or recognition. Not because “I’m above that” (I dislike people who act superior when they say they despise people with ambition), but just because I’m not comfortable with it,  I do have impostor syndrome. However, everyone has a unique voice, and Sense & Sensibility is mine.

2015 is being very eventful – to say the least – and I want to keep evolving and changing my point of view on things. One of my favourite quotes from An Education is “I feel old but not very wise” : I feel like I’ve aged in the last six months, more than ever did in the last three years. So will you stay awhile? Will you accept my blog with its flaws and enjoy reading me like you once did?

Thank you for your support, your kind comments and … your presence.

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28 thoughts on “Contemplation on blogging + design

  1. Hey, Candice! Always remember it’s your blog, and you can post whenever you feel like it. Some bloggers post every day, some only once a month… And the first not necessarily create better content than the last ;) you should feel anything but a failure. A big hug from a loyal reader! x

    1. Thank you Francesca for your kind words, you put a huge smile on my face. It’s exactly what I needed to read. I still wonder how can people blog every single day, I don’t have that much of time. Me posting every few weeks should be ok. Thank you, thank you. I wish you the best week ever.

  2. I ADORE the new layout hon, super simple and sleek and gorgeous :)

    No matter how many times you post something … once a day, once a month or even once a year… All I know is that it’s always a pleasure to read your thoughts <3

  3. Never ever give up dear, I know you have a lot to share and inspire us. This design alone is inspiring and I know you put a lot of work into it ;-)

  4. I don’t even remember when I started to follow you on the internet, honeslty it feels like a lifetime ago and in all those years, watching you evolve and chasing your dreams has been an inspiration. It doesn’t matter how much you blog because I always love reading you :)

    1. Oh Em’s. This. Means the world to me. Thank you. We’ve known each other for a long time now, it’s right! Remember when we met at uni? ahah. Thank you for always reading me. Have a great day.

  5. Congratulations on the layout evolution, indeed it looks fresher, easier to read, and I love the responsive behaviour (quite simple, yet it works smoothly).

    About the “bad blogger syndrome”: do what you want and never justify the lack of updates. As long as you don’t shut down your blog, you don’t owe anyone apologies regarding your personal space on the web :)

    Life is too interesting and too short to lose time blogging daily anyway!

    1. Hi Marie! Thank you for your – oh so lovely – comment. It’s better and we agree and it’s magical. Thank you!

      It’s just that people have been pressuring me lately to do more blog posts and I just don’t react very well to those accusations. I feel much better after reading all those kind comments.


  6. i always love your blog’s design and layout, no matter what you do. it’s always so fresh and lovely. and even when you feel like you’re failing at blogging, you should remember that, really, you are not. it’s better to blog when you feel inspired to do so instead of forcing yourself to a daily or any kind of a routine and thus not posting the things you really would like to post and share. and, just so you know, you’re definitely one of my favourite bloggers, so keep it up, dear! xx

  7. I understand so much what you are saying about the blogging stress… Do more, better and so on. It happens to be all the time. But it is our space on the web, we have to enjoy it and not see it as a burden.
    I’ve just seen that I am in your blogroll. Thank you so much ! <3

    1. Hi Ally. Thank you for taking the time to write me a lovely comment. You’re more than welcome, I admire your blog and your work!

      It’s just that people see the blogging world as a competition and sometimes it’s not healthy at all and make me question everything.

      Thank you once again.

  8. First time I heard about imposture syndrome it was in the Susan Cain TED talk. Yep ! Put a name on it.
    I know nothing (Jean Neige here) about design other than waou ‘c’est beau’ (I know French).
    And your blog is very very beau. And it ‘response well’ imho (whatever that means) ;)))

    In all seriousness I think you need to live to blog so the lack of updates means you’re busy living.

    Okay I’ll stay awhile or two. :)

    1. Oh, do you remember that you were the one to introduce me to Susan Cain’s TED talk? I already knew about this syndrome way before that but yes, I remember now that she talks about it. I should rewatch the talk soon.

      Ahah tu ne sais rien Jean Neige. =^-^=. Well; thank you. You know.

      Well “living”, I don’t know about that. I’m trying to.

      Thank you. Okay.

  9. I really love the design! It is definitely very aesthetically pleasing! I know what you mean about the blog thing, I definitely write for me but sometimes it’s so easy to compare and then feel disheartened, but know you are running a lovely little piece of the internet here and it’s all yours :) xx

  10. Candice,
    I think you have a lovely blog and I enjoy seeing what you share! Keep on sharing because you love to and know that there are those of us out here who enjoy it for the passion it brings you!

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