Lemon Cake & Tea

Lemon Cake & Tea
Do you remember how the sun was our witness in the living-room, gracing us with a rare golden light? Nothing else mattered in that moment. It had set the tone of the afternoon. A lemon cake and tea. I remember when you took the first bite, you said there was too much sugar in it but that it was delicious. I blushed, feeling sorry because nothing was perfect like I wanted it to be. You laughed it off and said everything was perfect. You, you were the one who made it perfect.

Do you remember how many laughs we shared? How many memories we made that day? I do remember, I remember everything, from the shirt you were wearing, to the crooked smile you had when I caught you looking at me tenderly as you often do.


You didn’t finish your tea and I let the cup on the table; to serve as a reminder that you were there, that your lips touched the lid, that I didn’t dream all of it.

Did I dream all of it? Tell me, did I invent that day?

I think I did. I’m living with the ghost of a cold cup of tea.

This is the first post of a new category called ยซ Unabridged Writing ยป. Since the beginning of the year I really started to enjoy writing more fiction and non-fiction, here and there in notebooks, Textedit and stuff. Iโ€™m just beginning, this is raw and mostly unedited.

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