Advice For Overcoming Creative Block

How To Overcome Creative Block
How To Overcome Creative Block

First thing straight, in my opinion, creativity is not a gene; creative people were not born this way. It’s an energy just eager to be fed, you have to learn techniques to be creative.

When you were first asked to – I don’t know, say – write a paper analyzing a huge literature masterpiece, at first you were lost right? You did not know how to do it? You might have a bad grade, but in the end, you kept practicing and got better at it because you put your energy into it and wanted to get better.

Well, it’s the same for creativity. My first designs were utterly dreadful, now they’re not perfect but they are far better than the first ones.

Struggling to be more creative and motivated ? It happens to all of us, sometimes it’s quite handful and hard to get out of this phase.

Here’s a list of stuff I do when it happens.

Read about creativity.

It helps, I swear. I’ve read lots of books on creativity, written by creative talking about their processes and how they « do it ». It’s very inspiring, so it gives me inspiration, it helped me a lot when I was facing a crisis

Keep looking at and reading things that inspire you

If I’m stuck on  a design, I’ll look at my favourite websites and immediately I know how to improve my design. Other sources of inspirations are films and music; they just do the job. It’s taking my mind-off my struggle for a while and gets me motivated and inspired. Maybe I could share with you someday my music playlist ?

Talk about it with creative people that surround you and could bring a fresh pair of eyes on the project.

At work, I often turn to my coworkers, explaining them what I do and where I’m stuck. Sometimes immediately I know what to do to continue, or else they’ll tell an idea that’s basically a-wesome!
Talking with friends about my project also always do the trick. As soon as I start talking about it, more ideas are coming my way and I’m back on track!

Change your environment.

Sometimes I can’t seem to find the inspiration to write on my desk in the bedroom so I go in my living room and write on my dining table. It works better for some unknown reason.

Do something else.

Take a walk, go to the movies, to the museum, do some yoga exercises, go jogging… to clear your head. Clearing your head should be on your priority list. Have you ever heard of Headspace ? Its a great app that will help you clear your head in just ten minutes.

Sometimes it’s best to take a step back and wait to be in a better mood.

Yes, sometimes we’re just not able to get things right because our mind is stressed out, full of anxieties, and not being able to do what we wish can be quite irritating. Take a break, go read a book and/or drink tea/coffee/whatever outside.
This post has been in my drafts for approximately six months, and I’ve just found the words to express my vision of this matter. Don’t rush into things, it will happen when it will.

Most of all, don’t be too hard on yourself. I have quite some echoes of people saying they are not good enough, not creative enough, not motivated enough. We can’t do everything perfectly, we can’t be all the time super inspired and working. Or else, we would die from exhaustion.

This post is part of my category called ‘All Things Creative‘  you should definitely check it out and tell me if you like this kind of content! I might do more in the future.

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  1. I absolutely love this article. I can see Elizabeth Gilbert’s last book on your table and that’s one of the best on the subject I’ve ever read.
    Dani Shapiro’s Still writing is excellent too. I would love more articles on this subject and also love to read your list of inspiring books!

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