Art In Your Home – Interior Inspiration

Art In Your Home

There is a thing that I can’t stop thinking about: my walls are all white and empty, no pieces of art on it.

It makes me feel as if I was just on vacation or something, it doesn’t feel like it’s truly my home; even though I’m just renting it, I’m here now until I feel like going somewhere else.

I’ve started buying frames, posters, art prints etc. So far, I’ve got a few but I’m not there yet. I will show you when it’s done. I even painted some, I’ve made the perfect gold one to frame of one my floral print that was given to me as a gift from a dear friend.

I feel the urge to surround myself with art prints and inspiration on my wall overall. I need inspirational quotes, inspirational illustrations and I like to think about how to display them in a smart and fun way on my walls. Mural composition is so much fun, you can play with shapes, you can also contrast colors and try to be creative and think outside of the box, putting flowers in frames etc.

Pinterest offers lots of inspiration for your walls, frames display and art prints. It should give you the wish to spice up a bit your nest. I have selected a few pictures to share with you of course!

Art In Your Home

Art In Your Home

Art In Your Home

Art In Your Home

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One thought on “Art In Your Home – Interior Inspiration

  1. J’adore la première photo et la dernière, c’est une décoration totalement inspirante ! J’aime beaucoup ces murs blancs recouverts de tableaux, d’estampes ou encore d’affiches artistiques – d’une certaine manière, ils font voyager du canapé, ahah. Ajouter à cela une bibliothèque et une platine vinyl, et on obtient le salon le plus artistique (à mes yeux).

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