Gratefulness #1

Gratefulness - Sense & Sensibility

Gratefulness is a new series of posts I have wanted to start for so long. In one of my (many!) notebooks I keep track of things I’m grateful for.
It’s part of my journey towards positivity and self-improvement.

I’m really trying to stop focusing on negatives thing, I witness too many people being ungrateful and taking things for granted.


I thought about it and, well decided I could share some of these things with you. In a way, I want you to share things that you are grateful for, with me.

  • Being able to see one of my favourite persons on Earth. Yes, it’s official, I’m going back to Nantes this week-end to see my friend Marine. I know we’re going to have the best of time and I’m utterly happy about it.
  • Sunshine, light dresses. Nothing else to add to this. The weather has been more nice and makes me want to dance all the time.
  • Music. Music has helped me a lot over the years. I’m grateful we have records of Ella Fitzgerald, or Tallest Man On Earth. Jazz and folk music overall are my favourites from all time. Do you hear me ? ALL TIME!
  • Cosmos. My little cat, who’s been the light of my days for five months now. What a cute fluff ball, I can’t help but swoon when he puts his paws on my face and then meow at me.
  • Daredevil… yeah I have just started the show and I am now hooked!


What made you grateful lately? 

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4 thoughts on “Gratefulness #1

  1. What a lovely post :) I’m looking forward the rest of this series!
    I can’t wait to see you too, love. We’re gonna have the best time :D
    Also, I can’t wait to meet the fluffball in a few months :D

  2. such a lovely post – and a great idea for a series! i wish the weather was warmer here, i’m still in winter coats and there’s snow outside! but the fact that it’s already warmer does make me happy:-) i only watched one episode of daredevil and didn’t really get into it.. maybe i should give it another go? cosmos is too cute and the pictures are pretty. hope you’ll have the loveliest time in nantes! xx

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