Scary things might just turn out to be the best

Alone in Paris - Candice Austen Lesage

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of me living alone. For different reasons I decided to move in, on my own, in a flat in Paris.

A lot has happened in just one year, the most important part is that I grew up more than I did in the previous years. Facing life’s little obstacles on your own will do that to you. I don’t necessarily mean I was not helped by my family nor my friends. My mom can attest to that, I often called her crying and telling her it was hard. Of course it’s hard. It’s just the way it is.

One of the most important things I learnt is that I like being alone.

I adore going out at 9am on a Saturday morning, walking to my favourite places, taking pictures, going to the bookshop, reading in a café and just smiling because I am happy. Realizing that I am happy, just the way things are, is something I didn’t expect.

However things change, people evolve. In retrospect, I did a lot this past year. A whole lot. I learnt how to slowly stand up for myself, and it’s a big change. Instead of enduring stuff, situations, bad feelings; I try to confront them and let my voice be heard.

What’s wrong with being alone? I learnt (the hard way) that for people to truly love you and to have a happy/healthy relationship with them, you really should be okay and in sync with who you truly are. To do that, I had to be alone.

I do enjoy living alone, more than I ever thought I would. As a youngster (grandma speaking? lol) I thought I would not survive being alone. Sweet summer child, I was so wrong.

Alone in Paris - Candice Austen Lesage

My main focus this past year has been giving myself the best chance in life. Succeeding, proving to myself that I can do it. That I can overcome all my little fears and anxieties. That I can be happy on my own, on my own terms.

There’s a thing I’ve always wanted to do: Travel. Everywhere in the world. However, I always stayed in my comfort zone, trying to find excuses. The main one being “I don’t want to travel alone, it’s scary”. Yes it is, but life scares me. Every little detail about life scares me. You’ve no idea how anxious I can be over the most trivial things. You’d laugh. Really.

That’s why I am doing it. I am going somewhere, abroad, alone for four days.
Wish me luck.

Alone in Paris - Candice Austen Lesage

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29 thoughts on “Scary things might just turn out to be the best

  1. I wouldn’t laugh because I’m scared of everything too.
    I’m proud of you for traveling alone and I hope you’ll share everything with us :)

  2. Pretty pretty pretty picture at the top of this post!

    Your way of tackling life is inspiring. Going outside of your comfort zone can be scary (currently being in the middle of going outside, and scare senseless, haha), and it’s important to follow your own pace while trying new things.

    Hope your trip will be everything you want it to be! (a little jealous here, not gonna lie :p)

    1. Oh, I’m so amazed! How’s Austria? I’d love to visit this country one day!
      I took a tons of photographs and I had so much fun. Thank you Rosie for your kind words xx

  3. I love this post! I haven’t done it yet, but I’d really like to travel abroad on my own. While exploring with friends and family is wonderful, I’d also like to do it on my own terms and not feel like I have to worry about others enjoying themselves. It’s great that you’re so comfortable with your own company :)
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

    1. Hi dear! Thank you for your support and your kind words! It’s exactly why I tried this, and I loved it, I just blogged about it!
      Have a marvellous day! x

  4. I can so relate to this, Candice. I love being alone and am a total introvert… as much as I love my friends and family, I need time by myself everyday to stay sane. It feels good to know I’m not alone. :)

  5. I just stumbled upon this post and I can relate to it in so many ways! Mainly how anxious I can get over the most trivial things – I often surprise myself haha. And I have never lived alone but, as a big introvert, I love being on my own so I think I would enjoy it. When it comes to traveling solo, I did something similar at the end of last year and even though it was probably the scariest thing I ever did, it was such a good experience. Loved seeing your photos from Copenhagen, it seems like you had a beautiful time there :) x

    1. Hi Joana, thanks for your comment, it really does mean a lot. You should try living on your own, it’s surprisingly wonderful and liberating. Where did you go on your solo trip? It’s scary at first, but then you’re so glad you did it! I felt even a little pride ;-).
      Love xxx

      1. You’re welcome, Candice! I went to London. I had been there once before so I thought it would be a bit easier to go back for my first solo experience. Me too, I felt accomplished for doing something I was so scared of doing! :) x

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