Belonging in Copenhagen, end of the journey


It’s finally time for me to sit down in a café (you might guess which one if you know me) and think about my trip to Copenhagen.

The previous post was all about the first day, but I thought this one would serve for day 2, 3 and 4.
On the second day I woke up extremely tired from the previous day, but also absolutely excited about everything.
I wanted to take the bus to go to Frederik’s Church, but as I looked outside I decided to get off many stops before the one I had planned. I walked in the sunshine and instantly I felt it. I belonged. As I walked in the city, looking at the magnificent Borsen, smiling at people, listening to folk music; I knew I had made the good decision to get there on my own.

It was a heartwarming feeling to walk and realize I was happy. I was accomplishing something I’ve wanted for so long, I was giving myself my best chance. What a great way to feel, right?

I walked to Nyhavn and I could finally see with my own eyes the magnificent colours of the houses. I went to Frederik’s Church and was completely amazed by it, so after visiting it I sat down on the marches and took a deep breath. Next on my list was… of course … The Little Mermaid!
I walked there, first going to the old (and beautiful) Kastellet and then I couldn’t find it. I swear, I knew she was there but couldn’t see it. However, then I saw a huge line and guessed it was right behind it. It was crazy. It felt just like the Joconde in le Louvre. Crazy intense. Took my picture and then had iced coffee on a bench where I read for a while to ease up my knee.

The remaining days where just like this one. Walking, getting lost in beautiful streets, taking pictures, discovering gems, visiting museums (the Design one was *so* good and I did went a little crazy at the shop there), the Rosenborg Castle (what a beauty) and of course, feeling home.

Sadly my flat, Paris and Cosmos my cat were waiting for me so I had to fly back home. Knowing I’ll come back and explore outside of the city, out in the wild…


























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5 thoughts on “Belonging in Copenhagen, end of the journey

  1. Aw! I’m so glad you had such a great experience in Copenhagen! It’s so nice to feel like you belong in a new city, you feel like the people around you would understand you instantly. It’s amazing :) Your pictures are gorgeous, so thank you for sharing them!

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

  2. glad to hear you had a lovely trip! i’ve been to copenhagen over ten years ago and really want to revisit now as an adult. such a lovely city and your pictures of it are beautiful! also, travelling solo can be so good! xx

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