Candice Austen Lesage

Greetings everyone, my name is Candice, I often go by Candice Austen but Austen is not my real name. I’ve started blogging a long time ago when I was barely twelve; it was also the first time I had my very own website and ever since then I have always had a little place of my own on the Internet.

I studied English in Paris but soon decided to fulfill a long time dream: becoming a graphic designer. I’ve worked hard for a few years and now work full-time in Paris. Can you believe it? I’m being paid for doing what I love the most on Earth. Well, to be honest, one of the things I love the most. I have always been drawn to art in all its forms, I’m an avid reader with a never ending appetite; I take pictures of daily moments that make my heart sing, I enjoy practicing lettering, I adore designing websites, posters and covers. I find joy in crafting things, and writing – as poorly as my writing is – is one of them.

If you have any questions, I’ll be very pleased to answer any of them. I’m always curious about my readers and love bonding with the lots of you!

Picture courtesy of Pauline Darley