Scary things might just turn out to be the best

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of me living alone. For different reasons I decided to move in, on my own, in a flat in Paris.

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Gratefulness #2

Sitting on my couch, listening to a jazz vinyl and burning my favourite candle … yes … it’s time for the second installment of my gratefulness series.

Photographs Wanderer

A Trip To Brittany

It’s been a while, right? May was such a busy and bright month for me, one of the major events was the long-awaited vacation I took with my mom. We went to Brittany, one of the most beautiful parts of France – or is it just me who thinks that eh? We had a very

Mind + Soul

The notion of belonging

“Where do I belong?”

Who hasn’t ever asked themselves that vague question before? Because I sure did a lot of times; more that I will ever admit; sometimes it just overwhelms me.