The notion of belonging

“Where do I belong?” Who hasn’t ever asked themselves that vague question before? Because I sure did a lot of times; more that I will ever admit; sometimes it just overwhelms me. I repeatedly felt out of space thinking I would be better off somewhere else, feeling like I was not belonging anywhere specific. I

Gratefulness - Sense & Sensibility

Gratefulness #1

Gratefulness is a new series of posts I have wanted to start for so long. In one of my (many!) notebooks I keep track of things I’m grateful for. It’s part of my journey towards positivity and self-improvement. I’m really trying to stop focusing on negatives thing, I witness too many people being ungrateful and taking

Letters to March

Letters to March

Oh, March, there’s something mystical about you that I can’t describe. You are bringing back both Spring and the sun, the birds are chipping even more loudly and people are smiling more often. Folk music never sounded so right, so perfect for me while taking long walks in Paris by myself. Even though both my